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Baby Halo Pillow

Baby Halo Pillow

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  • Protective features- has an alarm sound installed when bumped or fallen over.
  • Fit- Will suit and fit on any child.
  • Quality- High quality material that will ensure your and your babies happiness.
  • Comfort- Can we worn anytime and is comfortable during standing, crawling, etc.
  • Design- has a unique and adorable design for any type of child.
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Our pillow for your baby will ensure that your baby is protected. It has very comfortable cushion that will absorb the impact and keep your baby safe.

Our pillow covers the soft spots like the head and back to ensure your babies safety

Our pillow has an alarm installed to ensure you hear when your child bumps or falls over. Has a thick back side to comfort your child.

Our pillow provides shock absorbtion so the child won't feel anything other than the pillow that they are laying on.


What is our shipping time?

All our orders range from 1 to 2 weeks of shipping time to ensure you get the highest quality pillow for your child.

For more information about shipping policy click here

Do we offer Refunds?

Yes, we offer all our customers 30-day warranty. You can view our refund poilicy here.

If you ever need help with your orders get in touch with us.

What age are our pillows for?

Our pillow can range from different ages and can fit any child from 1-9 years old.

How often should I wash it?

For a better experiece we would recommend washing it every other week. (it can be adjusted to how often you use our pillow)